2017 a very important year for Es Garrover de Mallorca

When I was 5 years old, I went to the chocolate factory (where we made carob powder), it was full of bags, machines and farmers who filled the sacks with carob powder. I watched them, my father and grandfather, I was told that I should go, but I did what I wanted to do …

I ended up wrapped in chocolate, brown, like a round truffle.

I forgot the anecdote, time passed, and five years ago I began to remember my childhood, which made me happy and reminded me of where I came from.

And here we are, rediscovering ourselves with our roots and doing what our heart dictates …

Thank you family (father, mother, uncle, grandmother, brother, cousins, …) for listening to my follies, for supporting me, teaching me what you know, and for making me feel accompanied in every moment.

Es Garrover de Mallorca lives, survives and will survive for his mother Productos Martín (founded by my grandfather). If I saw him now, I’m sure he would be happy knowing that, today, we do what he wanted and did not have the time to do.

The magic of the carob tree is appearing and finding the place it deserves on our islands.

Our values ​​are the family business, the improvement of our fields, the care of our trees, the diversification of the industry, the promotion of local organic products and the sharing and generation of synergies with other companies. And everything, with a lot of work and dedication, every day we do everything with our passion. This is our big challenge.