The country school of Sebastià Verger.

Time to plant, replant, to plow, to cut back and to tie up our small trees so that they grow strong and big.

How can I learn more about our roots, I’ve asked myself !!!!!

It was easy, listening, remembering, and following the one who loves what he does, my father.

They say, “Behind a great man is always a great woman,” and so it is.

The celebrations and family gatherings are events to share the pleasures and satisfaction of each of us, yesterday it was time to finish to plant the new 100 trees, most of them carob trees, but also almond trees.

We focus on the restructuring of farms to an ecological system, a symbol of the natural process of the land and respect for our environment.

The authenticity of our product comes from the root of what we sow and the love that we put in.

We work with our land, we feel what we do, “what you sow, what you collect,” nature vitality, satisfaction for what we do.