For the dough: 1 cup of olive oil, 1 glass of beer, 2 cups of ​whole wheat​ flour​ and a little bit ​more to the side​, half a glass of carob powder.​
For the filling: let your thoughts ​run ​free, for example you can add onions, tomatoes, pepper sausage (sobrasada), pepper or cheese, ​all is permitted that pleases.


1. For dough: Put all ingredients into a bowl and knead them, add flour until ​your fingers no longer stick to the dough and ​place it into a ovenproof baking form.

2. For the filling: Brown the chopped onions with a little bit of salt in a pan until the onion is translucent. If you want to you can sprinkle sugar over it and lightly caramelize. ​ Afterwards ​spread the onions over the dough. Then place the rest of the ingredients in a separate bowl and mix them: tomatoes, peppers, cheese, etc. … and for a Ma​j​orcan touch, a little bit of sobrasada on top of it.

coca salada