Carob and Chocolate Sponge

Ingredients: 150gr white sugar, 80gr white flour, 3-4 eggs, 150gr butter, 150gr couverture
chocolate, 50gr carob flour/powder, 2 limes zest and 50gr to 100gr of walnuts (at your taste).

Preparation and cooking process:
1. Melt together the butter and the chocolate, let it cool for a while.
2. Mix the white flour and the carob flour with the lime zest and the sugar. Add a pinch of salt to
highlight the flavours.
3. Toast the walnuts for not very long, you can choose the oven or the pan, doesn’t matter. After
the toasting smash them till they become small pieces, then sprinkle them with white flour so
they don’t end up at the bottom of the tray once we mix them with the dough.
4. Take a part the eggs yolks from the whites. Beat the whites until they get to a foamy texture
or even soft peaks. On the other hand mix the yolks with a tablespoon of the melted chocolate to
make them softer.
5. Add the rest of the chocolate with the yolks and mix it with the flour preparation from the
step 2.
6. Add the nuts and the foamy egg whites with slow and smooth movements.
7. Cook it at the oven at a high temperature for 5 minutes, like this we can get the characteristic
crust of this sponge. Then for the 15 minutes lefts lower the temperature so it cooks evenly.