Healthy diet, carob powder from Mallorca, vegetable protein, carbohydrates, food energy, local product, vitamins, natural reward.

Sponsoring Club Esportiu Rollevats from Llucmajor.

Are we aware of that we need sports for our daily balance, humor, well-being and mental agility?

Yes, it seems that we want to feel “lighter, healthier, and reborn,” to be able to project what we want and to achieve our goals. This would sum up the energy that gives us sports activities to increase our will power and to make us feel ourselves.

Why do we stop doing what we like or makes us happy?

Day by day, the hurry, responsibilities, worries, overwork, stress, I´m  not finished yet, clomlete the topic, …wait a little, and go for a run or to the gym tomorrow, …

Time flies, we walk like “headless chickens,” around and then arrive home to say, “I’m exhausted and have not even done sports, that’s the only thing that relaxes me.”

Everything is linked;

– Healthy diet, eat slowly (I enjoy the food, I avoid thinking about what I would like to do later)

– I cook, I know what I like.

– I am with my friends, in the here and now, focus on what surrounds me (avoid worrying about what I should have done, enjoy myself.)

– A book, I read it on the sofa, (avoid seeing the things waiting for me, housework).

– I find excuses like, I’m too lazy to run alone.



We have the solution, I sign up at the fitness club. I need motivation, this is my hobby, team motivation, I set myself a goal.

I want to exceed myself and share the moments of physical preparation, in the open air and in the nature.


CLUB ESPORTISTA ROVELLATS, friends, colleagues who enjoy RUNNING.


I AM AN ATHLETE, this is my medicine.


I WANT TO USE THE TIME, I plan my priority “Sports”. It helps us to perform other activities, work, responsibilities better, … which we must achieve every day


SCHEDULE, running today.