A tasty breakfast from Mallorca spread on bread, with cookies, with fruit or as a pure treat.

Carob spread cream. Coming from organic farmed carobs from Mallorca. Specially made for low fat diets. Great for children, giving great energy. Ideal as substitute for the cacao spread cream as it does not contain any stimulating products as caffeine, theobromine or theophylline.

Nutrition information for each 100 g.

Nutritional value     1350KJ / 336Kcal

Fats:    18,01 g

From which:

– Saturated    2,9 g

Carbohydrates    38,98 g

– Sugars    32,8 g

Proteines     2,44 g

Fiber    4,2 g

Moistrure   34,69 g

Nutritional benefits

– Source of Fiber

– Low Fat Content

– Source of Calcium

– Gluten Free

– Natural Product

– Vegan

– From the organic agriculture of mallorca

– Natural Input of Minerals and Vitamines

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