Joahannis salsa principal

100% carob sauce.

Carob extract with a mild sweetness as sauce and decoration on cakes, yoghurts, cheese, ice cream, meat dishes and salads. This product comes from an organic way of farming from Mallorca.

Nutrition information for each 100 g.

Nutritional value     1084 kJ / 255 kcal

Fats:    0,24g

From which:

– Saturated    <0’1 %

Carbohydrates    61,62 g

– Sugars    50,49 g

Proteines     1,62 g

Sal     1,43 g

Moistrure   33,36 g

Nutritional benefits

– Naturally Fat Free

– Naturally Saturated Fat Free

– No Sugar Added

– Natural Product

– Gluten Free

– Vegan

– From the organic agriculture of mallorca

– Natural Input of Minerals and Vitamines

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Joahannis salsa principal - Es Garrover Mallorca