Today is the 1st of June a special day, it is the birthday of our grandmother Bel, 90 years, and we wish for many more.

JOHANNIS SIROP, a carob concentrate, mallorquin sweetener, carob extract, carob molasses, etc. ….. ecologically and from Mallorca.

Has won 1st Price for APAEMA’s ecological product of the year.

It all started on a trip to Peru in 2012 with a friend. We visited the Piura part and we went on tour through the north of Peru. For the first time we saw the variety of products the Peruvians made with the carob, and one of them was a kind of carob molasses mixed with other typical components there.

It was interesting to see carob trees, besides the location of the Mediterranean, also in other places in the world with different colors, textures, sizes and aromas.  The most obvious difference ​was the size and its seeds. We have also noticed other differences in the health-nutrition components and the environment that makes our Ma​llorca ​carob trees very special.

It was a very amazing experience and we were very grateful for the extraordinary hospitality of the local people.

One of the most impressive visits was in the university, where there was a great expectation on the subject of agriculture, the studies made by their local products were surprising. We were impressed by the craftsmanship of the elaboration, the way in which it was done, and the few resources that were at disposal.

On returning to Mallorca a small light of hope arose.

It was one of the triggers to start the adventure of ES GARROVER DE MALLORCA to give it it´s form and name as it deserves.

First with the carob powder and now the creation of two new products that have evolved from several coincidences, advice, help and support from countless people, starting with the family. Many Thanks.

Let´s continue:

When I got home, I wanted my Grandmother’s to try the carob molasses mixed with other ingredients. Suddenly, she says to me, “Juana Maria, my sweetheart, I’ve already tasted it, my father has always prepared it.”

My answer was: “Grandma, you could have told me beforehand, hehe,” Her answer was: “Juana Maria, I’ve forgotten it, so many years have passed by.”

The history of the syrup was as follows:

Bel: “When I was nine years old, at the time when the movement broke out, my father always prepared infusions over the fire, the most traditional was with carob because it gave us a lot of strength and it fed us. Food was very rationalized, and it just was enough. The exchange of things was very common, more than money. ”

PS: Sometimes we have the answer closer than we can imagine and the key of the doubt next to it! Thank you grandmother.